Snakes – Scary, Nasty, Awwwful, Kill-at-sight, Enemies of man, Soooo not happening!

If you harbor feelings akin to the above about these limbless beings dear reader, this blog is just for you!

For we at the ‘Friends of Snakes Society’ (FOSS) understand that it is difficult to connect with (forget like!) that which has been shrouded in mystery and presented to you as vile, for ages now.

Think Snakes. Think – Shy, Nature’s bounties, Awe-inspiring, Key to ecological balance, Eternally fascinating, Salient species.

Find yourself resonating along these lines in describing these fragile beings? Then know dear snake enthusiast, this blog was designed keeping just your interests in mind!

For we know that your kind of love and revere is one, that’s broken free of ages of shackles.

An NGO working to conserve snakes and other wildlife, we’ve been tagged several colorful descriptions – ‘Snake charmers, Weird, Brave, Hippies…’ being some of them.

But just like our cold-blooded friends, we shy away from most attention and emerge only to engage in activities that are in line with our ethos of being ‘Passionate conservationists’ – a tag that we collectively self-identify with.

Staunch missionaries set out to spread the message of conservation, we plan to stop not until our goal is reached – a goal which is towards a planet, minus the man vs wild conflicts. So what if we have to scour places far and wide to give live demos, overcome odd terrains at odder hours to rescue wildlife, and spend indefinite hours immersed in observational studies and in penning research papers?
We take attempts like these and more in our stride, on our road to effective conservation.

Starting this blog is one such attempt. Although germinated in the physical form (or e- form is more like) from the communion of a lighthearted suggestion and an ensuing serious discussion, the initial seed was long before sown, to connect with a crowd, which believes in the power of the written verdict.

A picture is the equivalent to a 1000 words, and words are the leeway to one’s expressions. But none can equal the magic that is experience. To witness the hatching of a delicate snakeling with bated breath, after following its developmental course from the embryo, or reveling in the warmth of watching a recuperated Kite take flight and soar in all its magnificence…….these are moments best experienced than described.

And so through this platform, we will be donning on all the hats possible and beyond, to share with you our experiences and learnings, from getting to know these beautiful beings, for the better.  And in doing so, we hope to preach to you, our undying love for all things conservation, and see if we can make a convert of you.

The plan is to channelize and leverage upon this space to serve as a discussion forum on wildlife and conservation. And in doing so, to move away from formal knowledge sharing, and introduce connective story telling.

In other words, to marry pure research driven logic with unparalleled passion.
That’s our outlook towards our dream of effortless conservation. And we cannot achieve it without – YOU.

So come join us, as we attempt to etch out a happy story of conservation, by saving snakes.
For as Nicolas Cage has aptly quoted – ‘Every great story seems to begin with a snake.’