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Hardwired or brainwashed, most of us would surely get infused with an immobilizing fear just by the sight of a snake. Their unblinking eyes, constantly flickering forked tongue, long limbless body and their fluidic slither may leave a few handful awestruck and fascinated, whereas the rest might simply get drenched in cold sweat. No other animal could invoke such deep emotions of revere and fear, the way snakes do!

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This is a selfless service that they are doing and you can imagine the panic situation in which everyone calls them. However, they remain composed and help you out in the situation.

Ashutosh Topey

We spotted a snake at 3 in the morning. Samuel was kind enough to come immediately and rescue the cobra. This is the 4th time we called them and as always they have been thoroughly professional and kind at the same time.

Nidhi Misra

The rescuer arrived in 10 minutes and caught the snake. Gave us great relief in this old age. Except for blessing you, we could do nothing at present.

Varadharajan S V

We contacted them when we found a snake at our home and they responded quickly and rescued the snake. It's really good to see that there are people out there who help us in such situations.

Sahithi Nadendla

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Friends of snakes society were real fast to our call. They were at our place within 15 minutes of the call.

Vinod Shah

Very prompt, very humble, and very professional. Can trust them if you care for not just your safety but also the safety of the snake that you let them catch.

Mukesh Vadlamani

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