What we do?

Owing to fear or hatred or apathy, several thousand snakes are needlessly killed every year. Such indiscriminate killing, on the long run, may lead to abominable consequences, the scale of which would be something that we are yet to fully understand.

Friends of Snakes Society plays an important role in mitigating human-snake conflict. Using a multi-pronged approach, the organization aims to protect all species of snakes, and simultaneously save valuable human life.

Rescue operations
Rescue operations – Snakes are spotted in varied settings and surroundings. FOS members efficiently handle snakes & the crowd, keeping them both safe.

Rescue Programme

Our 24×7 helpline receives hundreds of distress calls each day regarding snakes straying into residences and offices. Our coordinators efficiently route the calls to the nearest volunteers, and the animals are rescued within 30 minutes. With the help of the Forest Department, these snakes are relocated to various viable habitats, away from human-dominated landscapes.

Awareness Outreach

As an extension of the snakebite mitigation programme, the organization conducts about 300 awareness programmes every year, covering over 5 lakh individuals directly.


FOS actively assists the Telangana Forest Dept in various wildlife activities, including anti-poaching efforts, wildlife census, etc.


To understand snakes and reptiles better, we are carrying out various research projects that include natural history, spatial distribution, taxonomy, of these much-misunderstood creatures.