Hardwired or brainwashed, most of us would surely get infused with an immobilizing fear just by the sight of a snake. Their unblinking eyes, constantly flickering forked tongue, long limbless body and their fluidic slither may leave a few handful awestruck and fascinated, whereas the rest might simply get drenched in cold sweat. No other animal could invoke such deep emotions of revere and fear, the way snakes do!

By stripping away the uncountable myths, baseless fears and pre-conditioned inhibitions surrounding and marking snakes as evil, horrid beasts, we’d like to present to you the real snakes – beautiful beings which never cease to amaze and fascinate. The Friends of Snakes Society is just a small step (which hopes to be accompanied and strengthened by several more of your steps in its endeavour) towards reciprocating their strikes – by striking a friendship, by striking a balance and forging a harmonious, long lasting relationship between man and his evolutionary contemporaries. Let’s get to know our friends better –

Snakes play a vital role in the food web and thereby contribute in a crucial way towards maintaining the ecological balance. Hence, it should not come as a surprise that their survival is of paramount importance to our own existence. Apart from the direct benefit, they also help us save millions of rupees every year. Wondering how? Most of the common snakes eat rats and mice and in the process, indirectly keep a check on the rodent populations. Hence, they help us by plugging the revenue leakage caused due to crop destruction by rodents. They are the best biological pest controllers that we have.

Snakes are legless, carnivorous reptiles. Evolution has made them one of the most formidable hunters on this planet. Slithering their way through various terrain, gliding effortlessly in air, nimbly scaling their way up the trees or even elegantly piercing the depths of the ocean; these reptiles have mastered the art of locomotion, sans limbs. With us explore the beautiful world of snakes.