Check out our past and current projects

At Friends of Snakes Society, we undertake several focused campaigns to spread the word and conserve snakes. Few of our current and past projects are...

The Habitat Project

Habitat loss is a major threat faced by snakes and wildlife. Human-snake conflict and the resultant snakebites can only be curbed by preserving existing habitats and nurturing newer ones.Friends of Snakes Society has been a strong advocate in this sphere. As a member of the various regional committees, such as the State Board for Wildlife, we have been striving to protect conducive spaces for snakes and wildlife.

Awareness outreach

Fear of snakes and snakebites can only be alleviated by spreading knowledge. We carry out awareness outreach programmes at various schools and colleges, in an attempt to demystify snakes and understand their importance in this planet.

Herp Research

Research is the foundation for effective conservation. Only when we fully understand these animals, will we be able to steer policy decisions of the government favourable towards conservation of these animals. Our research is focused on taxonomy, spatial distribution, phylogeny, captive management of snakes, and snake-bite mitigation.