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The Friends of Snakes Society is an Indian non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of, and public education about, snakes. It was founded and registered under Society Registration Act in the year 1995 by Late Shri. Rajkumar Kanuri. With the help of Andhra Pradesh Forest Department, the Friends of Snakes Society has been rescuing snakes from urban areas and rehabilitating them in reserve forest areas and attempting to generate a system of alternate, natural pest control using non venomous snakes in farming. The organization also conducts awareness programs to spread awareness about these gravely misunderstood creatures, eradicating age old myths and misconceptions about them through live demonstrations. The organization regularly conducts educational demonstrations in schools, public and private institutions, community centers, and children camps etc., organised by the Andhra Pradesh Forest Dept. under the eco-tourism program.

Chief objectives

The chief objectives of the Friends of Snakes Society include:

  1. Conservation and protection of snakes.
  2. Education and awareness generation of snakes eradicating myths & misconceptions about them. Snake bite information & effective remedies and proper treatment procedures.
  3. Establishment of a snake conservation center which will be part of the upcoming Herpeto-Park in Hyderabad.
  4. Research and development studies pertaining to snakes of India.
  5. Cease snake skin trade and end poaching.