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Friends of Snakes Society is an Indian non-profit organization working for the conservation of snakes. It was founded and registered under Society Registration Act on 30th June 1995 by Late Shri. Rajkumar Kanuri. With over a 150 volunteers, the organization is able to conserve snakes across the state of Telangana.

Chief objectives

The chief objectives of the Friends of Snakes Society include:

  1. Carry out various conservation practices to effectively save snake populations, including rescue-relocation of snakes that enter human space.
  2. Education and awareness generation of snakes eradicating myths & misconceptions about them. Snake bite information & effective remedies and proper treatment procedures.
  3. Establishment of a Snakes Conservation Center to facilitate wider reach of the conservation activities.
  4. Research and development studies pertaining to snakes of India.
  5. Support local Forest Departments in curbing anti-poaching activities.